My Not-Quite Top 5 Wednesday

So. I really, really wanted to partake in this week’s T5W. Problem is, out of all the books I’ve read, I can’t remember a single character that’s gotten undue hate that I want to defend. I mean, I could do Twilight, but Bella’s out of the question, as is Jake. I guess I could defend Rosalie, but if you’ve seen the title of this blog already, then you know that I’m not going to.

So, this is my Not-Quite Top 5 Wednesday (more like Top 1, lol), where I don’t have five characters that I wish to defend to those who hate them for whatever reason. Just one.

By the way, Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey (gingerreadslainey), and is now hosted by Sam (Thoughts on Tomes). There’s a group on Goodreads that’s open to everyone to join.

Now, the character that I want to defend is… Ian Russell, from Some Boys.


So, I understand why people hate Ian. I really do. He flip-flops between believing Grace is a “slut” and a “liar,” then questioning if what she says about Zac, the school’s golden boy and Ian’s best friend, could possibly be true. I also get why people hate him for that, and hate that Grace and Ian end up together, but all things considered, I think it’s a relatively realistic view of what happens in ONE scenario. This book is obviously not representative of ALL sexual assault cases, but it is representative of at least one. Also, this is taking place in high school, and some high schools are straight up nightmares for students. You’re 16, dealing with puberty and hormones and wanting to be liked by your peers (but you’re not).

Ian does come around in the end, not only for Grace, but with his dad’s help, too. He was caught between a rock and a hard place; he’s known Zac since they were kids, I believe, and if you think about it, really think about it, if you heard rumors about your best friend doing something despicable to another human being, can you honestly say that you wouldn’t feel conflicted, too? Be honest. Not a lot of people take the side of the victim in rape cases, and while I understand why, they still need support, too. They’re essentially risking everything by just coming forward with allegations, and we as a society don’t make it easy for them.

So, yes, while Ian was once part of the problem, thinking that Grace was just another girl who had sex with a boy and regretted it, eventually he susses out what really happened by getting both sides of the story, and then comparing them to see where they match, and where they don’t (and taking note of Grace’s body language, as well).

Give him some slack, ‘kay? At least he got there in the end.



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