June Book Haul

Hey, guys! What’s up?

It’s been awhile since I’ve bought any books, so about three days ago I decided to bring home three, and the day after that, I bought one more. Then, today, as I left the theater after watching Finding Dory (thirteen years worth the wait, by the way! So good), I walked into my local Target and straight to the back of the store where they keep their books and found three more. So, there will be a total of seven books in this post. To make sure this thing doesn’t get too long, I won’t say much in the way of synopses, just what I was thinking when I grabbed them. Deal? Okay.

Let’s do this thing.



So, I came into the Asylum trilogy pretty late, but I’m glad I did. I know what the reviews are like for this series on Goodreads, and while everyone seemed to hate it, I actually really enjoyed the first book and have just started reading Sanctum. Can’t wait to get to this one.


I’m pretty sure I have the first books in this series, that I have yet to read, so I figured why not pick up this one. That way, when I do get to it, I can just pick up the second without pausing. Plus, vampires. I’m not as obsessed as I used to be, but I’m still a sucker (heh) for them, anyway.


I mean. It’s a prequel. What more could you ask for?
(Don’t answer that.)


Haven’t read The Infinite Sea, yet, but now that I have all the books, I can just go from one to the next when I’m ready. Not a fan of the first book, but hopefully it picks up in the second.



This was a total cover buy. I mean, just look at it. Isn’t it gorgeous? Underneath the dust jacket there’s a pair of lips smack in the middle.


This one and the last book are my, “You win, Booktube!” books. The last book more so than this one, though. I see The Night Circus every now and again, but I saw it in Target and read the back and it’s another creepy circus vibe that I love, so I bought it.


This was widely popular on Booktube when it first came out, judging by how many videos this was included in, whether it be book hauls or reviews or tag videos. Never watched any of them, so had no idea what it’s about, but when I saw it on the shelf, I decided to look through it and then got intrigued by the dust jacket and the “classified” files all over the hardback. Then I paged through random pages and was even more intrigued at the writing format, so that’s what sold me, and now it’s in my collection.

Now, I just need to hurry up and order a freaking bookcase to put all my books on. They can’t sit on the floor for much longer; they’ll end up damaged, and then where will I be? 😉


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