BookTube-A-Thon: Day 1

So, I’m a slower reader than I thought, but at the same time I’m still pretty fast by most standards. Maybe it just feels like I’m a slower reader because I’m also easily distracted.

I probably wouldn’t have gotten through as much of The Great Gatsby as I have without the Twitter sprints, let me tell ya. Those sprints help a hell of a lot, but what also helps is the fact that I’m loving the book and can’t put it down for longer than a bathroom break (TMI: in which case, it tends to come with me).

I’m past the midway point now, and once I get to page 100, I’ll have exactly 80 pages left. Since I don’t have anything to watch tonight (that’s a lie; I have Rizzoli & Isles, but I’m pretty sure I need to catch up from last week), I’m hoping to knock out these last 81 pages by the time I climb into bed at… most likely somewhere between 11pm and midnight PST.

There’s definitely a character or two that I kind of think I dislike, but to be completely honest, I don’t even know what I’m feeling, so hopefully I can figure that out by the end of the book. I have no idea what I’m feeling for Jay Gatsby; part of me maybe kind of finds him attractive, but that could probably be because of who was cast to play him in the movie (hint, hint), but there’s the other half of me that I think feels just a tiny bit uncomfortable(?) around Gatsby, but again… no idea. I’m so confused by my feelings (and FYI, I never watched the movie, only the trailer).

Anyway, that’s my update for day one.

Gotta go figure what, from my TBR, I’m going to tackle next so I can pick it up and start reading right away.

If you’re participating, how are you faring?

See you soon.


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