BookTubeAThon Update: Day 4

So I made some progress this week. My very first BookTubeAThon and I didn’t I’d read as many books as I have. Granted, it’s only two, but for a first-timer, that’s pretty damn good, if I do say so myself ( and I do, obviously).

Anyway, I finished The Great Gatsby on Tuesday… morning, I think, then picked up Sing and finished that by Wednesday. Decided to pick up Illuminae because I stupidly thought it’d be a “fast read” despite its size, and while some pages do go by quickly, it’s really not a quick read. 

But I’m enjoying it all the same. I love that it’s told in the style of a “dossier of hacked files,” which is what ultimately drew me to it, and I’m kinda liking Ezra Mason because I find him funny. 

Have yet to pickup my nighttime book, Once Upon A Dream: A Twisted Tale, but hopefully I can do that tonight as soon as the sun…

*(looks out window)*

…*the sky gets darker (it’s a rainy day), which usually doesn’t happen until after 9 pm. 

So for the time being, in between cleaning house, I’ll be reading as much of Illuminae as I possibly can. 

Talk to you soon!


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