2016 BookTubeAThon Wrap-Up

So I may not have been able to read seven books this past week, but I wasn’t expecting to, anyway. I did read and finish two, though, and that’s more than I thought I’d get to, so go me. 

Illuminae is not nearl the “quick read” I had hoped it’d be, but I’m still enjoying it all the same, and now that I picked up Once Upon A Dream, the second “twisted tale” by Liz Braswell, I’m going to keep reading it. 

Then once I finish those two, I’ll probably get back into Game of Thrones because I don’t think I can keep putting it off anymore (but taking a break from it this week was good for me, I think). 

I’ll be doing a review for Sing by Vivi Green soon, but probably not The Hreat Gatsby because I don’t have the words to talk about what I read, but I did enjoy it and I’m glad I chose that to read. 

This was just a quick blog post. I have to finish getting ready for work now. 

See you soon. ❤️


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