September TBR

Normally, I’d be recording my TBR to post to my Booktube, but I’m feeling lazy, so it’s getting posted in text form this month. I didn’t post an August wrap-up anywhere because I didn’t finish any books last month, but I’m hoping to rectify that this month, especially since I have jury duty coming up in two weeks. My goal for this month is to focus on my ‘Currently Reading’ shelf on Goodreads because there are just too many books on there, and I’d like to knock off a couple at least.

So, jumping right into it, the first book I want to knock off is…


I’m 40% into this book, and that’s longer than this should have taken me, because these book shots were written to be devoured in hours, not days. Leave it to me to prove them wrong. Hopefully, I can knock this out before I have to work tonight, we’ll see.

. . .

The next book I’d like to get back to this month is…


I’d like to get back to this one because I want to finish the trilogy, and then get to the companion books that go with it. This one starts out way slower than the first, so I’m struggling, but here’s hoping I can push through and get it done.

. . .

The third book I’m going to get back to is…


As much as I’m loathing the narrator right now, I want to get this book done and out of the way so I won’t have to think about it anymore. Except for maybe to do a review, either on here on my Booktube, I haven’t decided, yet.

. . .

And… I think that’s it, for now. I don’t want to overbook (heh!) myself this month, so I’ll start with one of these (probably Midair) and go from there. If I can manage it, if I get through these, than I’ll go for four, which is actually one that I’m reading for NetGalley (not requested; I just found it and it looked interesting, and it was available to read now).

So, what’s everybody else reading this month? Anything good?

Happy reading!



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