Life Update #1

Hey, guys.

I just wanted to post something here to let you all know that I know I haven’t posted anything in awhile, and this is why:

1.) I haven’t had anything to post that’s not a weekly meme, and

2.) I’m sick.

So… yeah. Apparently, there’s a bug going around everywhere and infecting everyone, because I read another blog post from someone who’s also sick. While I haven’t found it difficult to read while I’m sniffling as hard as Donald Trump last night during the debates (oy!), I have been feeling kind of lazy because of my cold, mostly because I just got rid of one version of the cold about two weeks ago, and a brand new strain hit me two days ago while I was at work. I’ve been feeling like crap ever since.

The funny thing is, I used to think that I had a pretty strong immune system and that that was why I hardly ever got sick. Now, I know that it was only because, before I started working retail a year and a half ago, I was pretty much a recluse who avoided people like the plague (heh). Kind of stings a bit that I’m just as susceptible to being sick as the rest of my family.

As for the not having anything to write about that’s not a weekly meme, it’s really only because I’ve been lazy (cold aside), and my work has me waking up before the butt crack of dawn for the next two weeks, so there’s that.

I still have a review to write for Sanctum, though. I finished it awhile ago, but have been putting the review off for some reason. Hopefully, I can get that up some time tomorrow.

Anyway, I’m trying to keep this blog post short, but I just wanted to clue everyone in on why I’ve been M.I.A. lately.

Happy reading!


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