Life Update #2 | Not Your Usual Reading Slump

Hello, fellow book nerds!

Remember when I said I was in a reading slump? Technically, I still am, but now I’m pretty sure that mine isn’t the same as most everyone else’s reading slumps. Or maybe it is. Maybe reading slumps are another one of those things that affects each individual differently. In any case, I think I discovered my problem:

I’ve lost my pleasure for reading.

I think that’s where my reading slump stems from. I think, deep in my subconscious, I was putting too much pressure on myself to read the books that I felt like I have to read, instead of reading the the books that I actually want to read. I’m positive we’ve all gone through this at some point in this blogging journey.

Over these past couple of months, I’ve noticed a pattern with my reading: I’d pick up a book, read a good amount of it, put it down, pick up another… rinse and repeat. All the reading I’ve been trying to do has somehow felt like the required reading I had to do in high school. It felt like I didn’t have a choice, like I was just forcing myself to keep up with what’s hot right now, instead of going at my own pace.

Add to that the fact that I have a blog and a YouTube channel? Man, I don’t know what came over me. I think I got a little over ambitious, and bit off more than I can chew. My time management skills already suck, so what made me think I could do both of those and still go to work, I have no idea.

So, to combat this reading slump, I decided to just stop reading the books on my TBR for whatever readathon is going on now (Tome Topple, for example), and go back to a more simple time when I was reading approximately five to ten books a week. On my Kindle.

Gay romance novels.

They’re my tried-and-true, and when I find a good one (other than Josh Lanyon), I have the most difficult time getting anything done because I can’t set my Kindle down long enough, and I’ve come to discover that I missed that feeling. I’ve had quite of few these LGBT novels on my Kindle for months now, waiting to be read, and I just finished one this morning that I started yesterday morning. I missed that feeling, too. In fact, as soon as this gets posted, I’m going to brew myself a cup of coffee in my TARDIS mug and maybe start in on the sequel to that book, but probably after I watch this week’s episode of The Walking Dead first.

I’ve come to terms with my slump, and I still carry around The Book Thief wherever I go, but I haven’t read much more of it lately, so it’s pretty safe to say that it won’t be done by December 1, and I’m okay with that. If I feel like reading more of that book, then I will, but I’m trying not to put pressure on myself to finish it out of some kind of misguided obligation. I’ll finish it when I finish it, but for the time being, it’ll probably just sit in my purse until I decide to reach for it.

My plan going forward, I think I’m going to wipe my ‘Currently Reading’ list on Goodreads and only use it for the books that I am most definitely reading at the moment, instead of keeping the ones that haven’t been picked up in awhile (like A Game of Thrones, but that’s only because I need a break, it’s so huge).

As for this blog and my YouTube channel? If I can wing it, I’m going to just choose one day a week to upload a video to start (probably on Fridays because it already has a built-in meme with Friday Reads), and I might still stick with the book tags for awhile, which are always fun. I never did get around to a Thanksgiving one, but I’m already onto the next holiday, so I think I’m going to find some winter-themed tags to start. Might do a tag every other day, just to give myself a break in between so I can breathe.

Sounds like a plan, and who knows, maybe I’ll reach my reading goal by the end of this year before I know it.

No pressure.



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