Birthday Book Haul

So, today’s my birthday and I am now officially part of “The Dirty 30” club. Not gonna lie, 30 feels weird. It’s probably the first time my age has actually garnered some sort of reaction from me. I’m in a new decade of life, and though everyone I talk to tends to say that the 30’s are “the best years of my life,” it’s still weird to think about, if I’m honest. 
But anyway, moving on to why we’re here. I bought myself three books for my birthday, and while the package arrived two days ago, I wanted to wait until today to post because, you know, it’s what the title of this posts says. 

From left to right: The Six of Crows duology box set; A Court of Thorns and Roses; and Cinder.

So, yeah. Picked up three of the most hyped books all over the book community. Just started Six of Crows, and I’m loving the world building so far. It’s crazy how I’ve already started picturing what Katterdam looks like, but I have, and I love it. 

ACOTAR is one that I actually almost bought at Target a couple of weeks ago but put back because I had already spent too much (I was Christmas shopping). And then I found it on Amazon for cheaper, so… you know. Now, it’s in my possession and I can’t wait to read it. 

Cinder is one that I think I mentioned in a previous blog somewhere about having no intention of ever reading The Lunar Chronicles, but then I learned recently that I apparently live in the same city as the author, so now I feel like there’s a kindred connection. Obviously not, but hey, whatever gets me to buy at least the first book, am I right? 😉

Also, I think I like Inej as a character. She’s definitely my favorite so far. Kaz is… I don’t know, yet. But I’m looking forward to finding out. Six of Crows definitely looks like it’ll be fun, so I can only hope that the hype holds up.


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