First ‘DNF’ of 2017


So, when I read books, I try my hardest to always, always finish them. I have this part of me that tends to feel guilty whenever I’m not liking a book, and nobody likes a quitter, so as much as I want to set the book down for good, I often find that I can’t. It never fails that I feel like I’m not giving the book enough of a chance. Thus, I force myself to keep reading despite my feelings, and those books usually end up with one-star ratings on Goodreads with a rage-filled review.

But this is 2017. New year, new me, right?

I know you all are probably chomping at the bit, waiting to see what my first DNF book is. Before I tell you, in case you’re someone who doesn’t know what D-N-F stands for, it’s a frequently used acronym for Did Not Finish. It’s for those books that are just so bad, whether it’s the writing style, character development, subject matter, etc., that you just cannot keep reading anymore. If you do, you’ll probably feel like doing something like this:


I felt like that a time or ten, but still I managed to “keep calm and carry on” like nothing was wrong and everything was just hunky-dory.

Then I start reading this popular Young Adult novel (that shouldn’t even be labeled YA, judging by everyone else claiming graphically explicit sex):


Yep. A Court of Thorns and Roses. Another one of those books that everyone and their mother seems to have read. Now, looking at the reviews for this book on Goodreads, I’ve pretty much learned that this book is the kind of book that you will either absolutely love, or absolutely hate, with very little in-between.

I really did try to like this book. I wanted to like this book. But I just couldn’t with Feyre anymore. From the beginning, she’s written as a hunter, yet when she crosses over into Prythian lands to live out her life however she sees fit, it’s like she became this damsel in distress who always put herself into stupidly dangerous situations. My breaking point? The morning after Fire Night, that spring ritual that the High Lord(s) are to partake in to fertilize the ground, or whatever. Both Lucien and Tamlin warned her to stay in her fucking room until dawn.

Did she?

No, she damn well did not.

First she almost gets raped by three random faeries who think she came to play, then she gets told by Lucien why she’s supposed to lock herself away in her chambers until dawn, but she disobeys that too, in favor of going down to the kitchen because she couldn’t sleep (she was too busy getting all up in her feelings over Tamlin mating with another woman), and runs into Tamlin who’s still being affected by the remnants of all the magic that he let in. They have a heated moment against a wall, he bites her neck and says some stuff, she slaps him and storms off back to bed, food forgotten.

It’s when she woke up the next morning and decided to “punish” Tamlin for the bruise on her neck by leaving her tunic open wide at the neck for all to see, that I finally called it quits. Actually, it was the reaction to her angry storming off only to smile because she was “happy” that the “Tamlin she knew” was back all because he smirked.



So, yeah. This is definitely one series that I won’t continue. I don’t care if the second book somehow makes up for the clusterfuck that is this one, I’m going to leave it to y’all to enjoy, because clearly, this is not for me.

Also, one more quick thing: I got more of a Cinderella vibe than Beauty and the Beast, as it’s marketed. In the beginning, at least.


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