TV Shows I Don’t Care About Anymore

Hey! So, it’s been a bit since my last post, and I figured that, instead of pressuring myself to write bookish things on this admittedly bookish blog, I’d go ahead with my idea of talking about all the shows (that I could think of, anyway) that have gotten so far into their seasons while I’m still trudging behind only to decide to give them up completely.

Thus, the title of this post.

I was originally planning on doing a video series about all the television shows that I may or may not be watching, but every time I recorded and then watched it back (which is awkward, by the way, when you dislike the sound of your own voice), I didn’t like the way the videos turned out.

Thus, the theme of this post.

So, I have eight shows listed on my phone of what I don’t watch, and then I’ll go into why I quit, where I left off, or why I never started it to begin with.

Ready? Let’s do this.


#1. Quantico: This one’s a pretty popular show, and I was on the bandwagon in the first season, kind of, just barely, but I didn’t exactly make it very far. I think I quit after bingeing the first four(?) episodes and then just never picking it back up again. I think my main problem with this show, in regards to the first season, anyway, is the back-and-forth between past and present. It’s an interesting concept in theory, but I could never keep up with the constant changing of settings. Plus, there weren’t very many characters on the show that I liked. **cough**Priyanka Chopra**cough**


#2. The Vampire Diaries: This one is probably the only one on this list that I was on the bandwagon the longest. In the past, I’ve tried reading the book series of the same name (I had a couple of bind-up books, where there are two books in one, so essentially, I had the first four books), but I quit in the middle of the second book because Elena got on my last nerve and I just couldn’t deal with her anymore. So, I got rid of them. The show, on the other hand, was probably the only show at the time it started that I actually was adamant to keep up with, and I did. For four seasons, and a quarter of the fifth. I quit the show at the same point in which I quit the books: when Elena became a vampire, and then whatever happened afterward. I’ve been toying with going back to the TV show now that it’s over, but I can’t afford Netflix at the moment, and even if I could, there are just too many damned shows that I actually want to watch, so.


#3. Scandal: This one… I don’t know how controversial it’ll be here, but I know a lot of people love the shit out of this show, and I… am exhausted by it. I watched four and a half seasons, falling off somewhere when Olivia gets kidnapped, and I just didn’t care anymore. Still don’t, if I’m being honest. Mostly, I’m just exhausted by all the Fitz and Olivia back-and-forth. Will they or won’t they? Olivia, to me, was becoming the very woman that she had probably told herself never to be, and honestly? Fitz is a gigantic asshole, anyway.


#4. How to Get Away with Murder: Y’all, I didn’t even finish the first season. I don’t know why I gave up on this show, but I did. I don’t know what else to say about it, honestly. Moving on…

#5. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I didn’t make it through the first season of this one, either. In short, I got bored. Judging by the promos I see of whatever the current season is, it seems to have picked up the pace by a lot, and I love that each season has a specific name to go with whatever the characters are going to be tackling. So, I’ll give this one a soft pass, but with room for picking it up again in the future. Things definitely look interesting and continue to be since I dropped off, so we’ll see.

#6. Baby Daddy: Y’all, I can’t even remember where I fell off with this one. I honestly don’t. I know I’ve watched the first two seasons, and I’m pretty sure I at least started the third, and perhaps dropped off somewhere around there? I don’t know. Now that the show’s been axed by Freeform, I don’t know if it’d even be worth it at this point to “catch up.” Mostly because I don’t know if the cast and crew were able to tie up any loose ends like Switched at Birth.

#7. Grey’s Anatomy: Granted, I tuned into this show around season three when Eric Dane joined the cast (I was obsessed with him on Charmed, Season 7), and I lasted a good three or four seasons, but simply put: every episode started feeling like deja vu. The show became predictable, I got bored, so I quit. With how much the promos tend to reveal, it’s not like I miss anything, anyway.

Dean Shrugging.gif

#8. Modern Family: I was all about this show when it first came out. I laughed like crazy every episode, I loved the family dynamics…. but then the show started winning Emmys, and winning… and winning…. and winning…. and still winning… that I started getting bored, the jokes started sounding the same, and I really just felt like ABC was successfully shoving their creation down my throat, past my gag reflex (which is all ready pretty damned weak), so I slowly stopped watching. And then soon, I wasn’t watching at all. If I do choose to tune in now, it’s usually only for Eric Stonestreet’s and Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s characters, Cam and Mitch (respectively). Or it’s for young Aubrey, who plays Lily, because I swear her sass level matches mine.

All right, so there you have it! Eight shows that I used to watch, but quit for one reason or another. It would seem that the most common reason is because of boredom.

How about you guys? Any shows you gave up on that you used to like? Let me know in the comments!

See you all next time.



5 thoughts on “TV Shows I Don’t Care About Anymore

  1. I am still watching Grey’s, although it has lost its appeal, I am merely watching it because it’s there.

    Scandal and HTGWM I also stopped but always figured I would go back.

    Modern Family also stopped. Sigh.

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