Top 5 Wednesday // Favorite Children’s Books

So, hey. I had every intention of uploading this week’s T5W on my Booktube channel, but I can’t seem to find a decent video editing software that doesn’t add a watermark and allows for picture-in-picture (because I no longer have physical copies of the books I’ll be mentioning, so I wanted to insert photos of the book covers into my video. I’ve been at it since almost 6:30 this morning, and it is now 1:45 p.m. I give up. Blog it is.

If you don’t know, Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme officiated in November 2013 and it was created by Lainey, now moderated by Sam (Thought on Tomes). Each Wednesday, there’s a theme/topic that you pick out five books (or TV shows) that fit that theme or topic. It’s really simple. If you’re interested in joining if you haven’t already, click here.

This week’s topic: Children’s Books.

–This can include Middle Grade (but try to recommend more than just Harry Potter and Percy Jackson!) Feel free to talk about your childhood faves or more recent reads

As you can tell by the title of this blog, I’ll be discussing my favorite children’s books that are the reason for why I love to read today (besides just taking after my mother).


Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret — Judy Blume

First off, let me just say that, these book covers I’ll be adding? These are the copies that I had growing up, and as you can tell with this first one, it was pretty beaten up.

So, I don’t remember much about what this story’s about, but I do remember this one line in the book that the main character and her friends would chant to get their breasts to grow (they weren’t quite teenagers, yet, but they wanted to be) and it goes: “We must! We must! We must increase our bust!” So, yeah.


D9780440717942.jpgear Mr. Henshaw Beverly Cleary

Besides Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary was another author that I was forever reading, but this one was probably one of my favorites. The main character, I think, has to pick an author to write to as part of a school assignment (again, I think. It’s been decades since I’ve read it), and he chooses his favorite author of all time, Mr. Henshaw. Pretty sure this book is told in all letters, and for most of the book, the main character is writing to this author without getting any reciprocated correspondence in return. It’s such a great book, honestly.


Ramona Quimby, Age 8 Beverly Cleary

Yet another Beverly Cleary book, and this plus the next two, are probably the ones that I read the absolute most. Ramona is the first main character that I could relate to. She’s a younger sister; I’m a younger sister. She was kind of obnoxious; I was, too. I have yet to watch the movie with Selena Gomez and Joey King (Ramona and Beezus), but I feel like I’d most definitely enjoy it since I enjoyed reading about this family for years.


Goosebumps R.L. Stein

For this, I’m talking about the original series. The series that had at least 50-something titles in the series. I had a huge collection when I was younger, and R.L. Stein is basically why I fell in love with the horror genre 1146855and then moved on to more creepy things like abandoned asylums and serial killers. These books are just great fun, and my favorite was actually Say Cheese and Die! which is about a boy who finds a camera in the basement and starts taking pictures of people, only to find out that the camera does something to the photos (I think). I even had a couple of those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Goosebumps books which is pretty self-explanatory, but basically, you start off reading the first chapter and at the end you’re presented with two options and that lead to two separate page numbers. Those were a blast, too.

Wayside School is Falling Down Louis Sachar

And 61msDKxn6EL._SX337_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgfinally, we’ve reached the last of the books, and this one is my absolute favorite of all time. This is actually the second book in a trilogy, but it can be read as a standalone, as well. Basically, due to whoever designed Wayside School, the classrooms are one on top of the other, reaching thirty stories, with each floor having their own personality, and at the very top is Mrs. Jewls’ crazy, kooky class. I loved this book so much, that I believe at one point, I actually read the book, like, five times in one day, and enjoyed it every single time.


Honorable Mention:


Eventually, I’d like to get my hands on physical copies of these books again, because I’ve been in a nostalgic funk, more so than usual, and I just want to read these all over again and rediscover their magic.

So, that’s it for me for this Top 5 Wednesday. How’d you do?



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday // Favorite Children’s Books

  1. I totally forgot about the Baby Sitters Club! I used to own at least 10 of these books and they were one of my guilty pleasure books when I was a kid. I also owned some of the Goosebumps books but I was always a little scared to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I forgot about Babysitters Club until the last minute, you’re fine lol. I remember I had a special edition book that was all silver and shiny and thicker than usual, I loved it.


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