Long Time, No Talk // Update

Hey, guys.

I know I haven’t been as vocal on here as I have in the past, but honestly, I just got caught up with my Booktube channel again, and this blog was pushed to the back burner.

Apologies for that.

But I also know that, those of you who follow this thing, I’ve been posting some promotional things, from blog tours to cover reveals to sale blasts and the like. I was approached by a publicity firm to not only read a book by an author whom I’ve read before, but to also host a blog/review tour for said book. That one is coming up soon. While I’m waiting for that post to be uploaded, I’ve decided to give this blog tour/cover reveal/whatever a try. For the most part, it’s pretty simple, but man, formatting links is not my strongest suit, so I’ve also been trying to Google how-to’s for that, to no avail so far. Regardless of that, I’m having fun.

Reading-wise, I’ve had a slow reading month. I’ve only read two books so far, and BookTube-a-Thon starts at midnight tonight (July 24), of which I am participating. I’ll make a separate post with my BTAT to-be-read so you all can see what I picked for each other seven challenges. I know I won’t “succeed,” but that’s mostly because, for some reason, I always choose thicker books for readathons when I have six graphic novels that I could read as well.

On the job front, still unemployed, but I’m still looking. As much as I’m open to anything, I’m kind of staying in the realm of Customer Service since that’s where my experience lies. I’m also learning to create more than one resume based on where I apply instead of sending off the same one over and over, and I’m finally trying to get the hang of writing cover letters. I’ve written them before, but that was when I was briefly in school, in a typing class; it was just a sample so you’d get a good feel for it. Writing one for real is a little more intimidating than I imagined.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with everyone. Sorry for the radio silence. I have some reviews that I want to get caught up on, mostly just transferring from Goodreads to my blog, but also books I’ve read that I didn’t write anything for but want to. Reviews are hard work especially when you struggle with how you want to say it, but you can’t get better if you don’t practice.

If you’re one of those who gets hype for Shark Week (like I do), is there anything you’re looking forward to the most? I can’t wait to see Michael Phelps race a Great White, to be honest. I have to record some programs, though, because Game of Thrones, and since I live on the west coast, I get to watch it twice; once at 6pm along with the east coast, and then again at 9pm when it’s in High-Definition. Speaking of, this season has me so excited for what’s to come, I almost want to wait until the season finishes so that I can binge-watch it, but I won’t. I can’t.

Hope everyone’s having a fabulous weekend!

See you soon in the next one.



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