August is proving to be just as slow a month as July…

I think I burned myself out on reading…

Started the year off with a bang, and now we’re eight months in and my reading has slowed considerably.

I’m still planning on catching up on some ARCs, though. Which, apparently, this month is specially dedicated to them in the book community, so that’s cool. And here I thought I was the first to come up with dedicating a single month to advanced reader copies… lol.

Most of my ARCs are on my Kindle, and not really capturing my attention, so I’ve been putting my focus on the physical ARC copy of Alexander Hamilton: Revolutionary that I won from Goodreads via Fierce Books. Ever since the immense popularity of the Broadway musical, I’ve been interested in learning more about him as a person and learning why he’s such an important person in history. I’m not too far into it, but I am liking what I’ve read so far. The only downside is that the ARC copy is saving the photos for the final copy, so I’m just looking at placeholders in both photographs and captions, which kind of takes me out of the experience a bit. When I can afford it, I’ll definitely have to pick up a finished copy and probably read it again.

It’s also Tome Topple until August 17, and while I’m not actively participating, I have been occasionally picking up Moon Chosen by P.C. Cast. I don’t know what it’s about entirely, but so far I’m getting a vibe that the main character is the daughter of a Moon Mother, which is kind of like the leader of a werewolf pack, but being able to shift into wolves isn’t seen as a “good” thing, as the transition is often referred to as “the night fever,” and Mari’s (the main character) mother is the only person who can make the night fevers go away, which is why she’s the chosen Moon Mother.

Mari is a half-breed, due to her father being not of the pack, and because she doesn’t experience the same “symptoms” of Night Fever as everyone else (her skin glows in the daylight; I’m not sure what that means yet), her mother has to dye her hair and Mari has to fake stomach pains, but there’s one character who’s coming off as the “mean girl” that I don’t think is buying Mari’s act. She’s also vying to be the Moon Mother’s apprentice and is a “favorite” among the men. Basically, the main character is viewing her as a slut. She doesn’t say it outright, but the tone with which she thinks it says enough.

A second point-of-view, a male, was just introduced into the story and he seems to be apart of some kind of village tribe who thinks he’s some kind of God now ever since offering up a pure, snow white bird to gain answers of some sort, I think. He wants to be a gatherer so he can feed the people in his village, but now he has to figure out how to go about gathering. I’m looking forward to seeing what more will become of him and how these two characters meet.

I’m also still, slowly but surely, making my way through Night Film. I’m trying not to read too much at once, though, otherwise I’ll go deeper into a reading slump, so I’m just sticking to bits and pieces at a time. I don’t want to completely put it on the back burner in case I forget what I read and have to start all over, so yeah.

As for Nights Arose, I read the first chapter, but I think I need to read it again because I have no idea what all happened. I just know that it was a lot. And kind of confusing. The author sent me a soft copy in the mail since she still had ARCs available, but the book’s been out for almost a year.

I don’t know where I was going with this post, but I just wanted to update everyone on my reading and how slow August is turning out to be compared to July.

Hope everyone else is having a better reading month than I am!



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