The eReader Book Tag // Tag Tuesday


So, this tag has been sitting in my draft folder for the longest time and I’m only just now getting around to posting it. Oops.


Anyway, because it’s been awhile, I don’t remember which blogger it was that I got these questions from, so for that, I apologize. πŸ™ˆ


I’m just going to let you all get on with it now. See you at the bottom!

What support do you use to read your e-books? An e-reader, a tablet, or the PC?Β 

I primarily use my Kindle Fire tablet. It’s a couple of years old, and it’s about time for a new one, because it’s slow like molasses.

How many e-books have you read since you started the new β€œdigital fashion”?

I have no idea. I only joined the “new digital fashion” a couple of three years ago, but I know I’ve read a lot of e-books in that time. For awhile, it was dominated by gay romance, and then within the last year (2016) I discovered Netgalley, so…

What is the language of your ebooks?

English. As ambitious as I am with DuoLingo, I’m nowhere near fluent in the languages that I’m trying to learn (or re-learn) to attempt a book written in another language.

Buy them or take advantage of free promotions and books?

When I can afford it, I’ll buy e-books, but no more than $4.99 (or $6.99, even, because I’m obsessed with Josh Lanyon’s books, and that’s typically his price point for one), but lately, with all the e-book deals I get in my inbox on the daily, I’ve gone a bit “free book crazy” and have acquired a lot because I can’t help myself and a lot of the free books I find are in a genre that I very rarely touch (Fantasy).

Do you enjoy reading classics or new authors?

I don’t read classics on my eReader. I’m not opposed to it, by any means, but generally it’s gay romance, ARCs, or books that I’ve wanted to read but couldn’t afford and are now on sale. I tend to save the classics for physical copies.

How many e-books do you have?

Over 6 or 700, according to Amazon. One of these days I’m going to cull that number down to a reasonable amount and get rid of the books that I just have no interest in reading despite what I told myself when I got them.

miley embarrassed.gif

What is your biggest supplier of ebooks?

When I’m not cruising for free or cheap books on Amazon, I’d say it’s definitely Netgalley. I have a terrible habit of requesting all the books that I’m interested in and the dates start to overlap. I’m trying to be better, though, even if I did just create an Edelweiss account.

britney spears facepalm.gif

Did you completely adhere to the Digital Reading or do you still live in the Age of the Physical Book?

Oh, I definitely still read physical books! When I first acquired my Kindle Fire, digital books were all that I read, especially if they were gay romances. Then I went back to physical books for awhile and forgot all about my Kindle (only using it to play games), and so now I’m trying to find a nice balance between the two. Ever since I discovered Overdrive, and then Libby and Hoopla, I’m finding more reasons to pick up my Kindle again when it’s not ARC-related.

I won’t tag anyone specifically, but if you’re interested in doing this tag and you haven’t already, go for it! Just leave a link in the comments when you do (or ping back to this post) so that I can read everyone’s answers.

Happy reading!




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