Reading Wrap-Up // the first half of 2018

So, I've been trying to think up what kind of posts to write and possibly schedule for a later date, and for awhile I was struggling because y'all. It's not easy coming up with content for a book blog. It just isn't. But then it's like a light bulb just went off over my head, … Continue reading Reading Wrap-Up // the first half of 2018


Emojiathon Wrap-Up. // 2018

March was a good reading month for me. Then again, it was most likely due to the fact that it was #Emojiathon, and I love that readathon so much; it's the one I anticipate the most. With that said, I also tried to incorporate a second month-long readthon that also took place in March, and … Continue reading Emojiathon Wrap-Up. // 2018