Top 5 Wednesday // Series That Get Better

It's that time of the week again! If you don't know what Top 5 Wednesday is, it's a weekly meme hosted by Sam (Thoughts on Tomes) where you're given topics and then you choose five books that fit that theme. Or TV shows and movies, if you can't come up with any books. If you're …

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#ReadAThon – Toil-and-Trouble-a-Thon

Someone help me. I just found out about a new read-a-thon today, and after watching one of the hosts' announcement videos, my brain decided to go ahead and compile a to-be-read list for all the challenges. But, uh. At least it's a short list? Anyway. Toil-and-Trouble-a-Thon. Basically, it's a read-a-thon that's all about witches, if …

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Review: Midair by Kodi Scheer (Spoilers)

I don't think I can get through this review without spoilers, so there's your warning. Amazon | Goodreads "I had a secret: I wanted to leave the earth in a spectacular fashion. Specifically, by leaping from the Eiffel Tower." So begins this provocative coming-of-age novel about a teenage girl bent on self-destruction and revenge, set …

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