July Wrap-Up // BookTube-A-Thon

July wasn't a great reading month. In total, I've read four books, which isn't bad, but the reason I say that July wasn't a good reading month for me is because it was a slow one. So, before BookTube-A-Thon, I started the month by finishing Flame in the Mist, and boy, was that a huge … Continue reading July Wrap-Up // BookTube-A-Thon


Life Update #2 | Not Your Usual Reading Slump

Hello, fellow book nerds! Remember when I said I was in a reading slump? Technically, I still am, but now I'm pretty sure that mine isn't the same as most everyone else's reading slumps. Or maybe it is. Maybe reading slumps are another one of those things that affects each individual differently. In any case, … Continue reading Life Update #2 | Not Your Usual Reading Slump